Functions and Services

The main objectives of Elcoma and its functions and services are as under:

  • To enable manufactures of lamps and components to federate or corporate by becoming members or associates of the Association, either by themselves or their nominees or act as their representatives or spokesmen for such manufacturers.
  • To promote and develop co-operation among the manufacturers of electric lamps and other ancillaries and business and to further facilitate the manufacture of products in particular.
  • To promote the consideration and discussion of all questions affecting lamp industry and all ancillary and allied trades, and every branch of such trade and to generally watch over and protect the interest of persons engaged in the manufacture of such products.
  • To diffuse among its members information on all matters, affecting the lamp manufacturers to print and publish, issue and circulate such papers and periodicals, circulars and other material relevant as may be seen conducive to any of these objects.
  • To promote the distribution of products to all consumers throughout India by the members of the Association and with the object of fostering and promoting espirit-de-corps among the lamp manufacturers in India.
  • To collect information and circulate and publish the policies and activities of the Association from time-to-time by pamphlets, circulars, or news bulletins.
  • To conduct seminars, conferences, symposia, lectures and publish its official bulletin, ‘ Elcoma’ News Letter and make known to public the activities of the Association.
  • To provide to its members statistical information pertaining to lamp industry and keep the members informed regarding latest technical development, quality control and achieve standards and specifications
  • To be in close touch and establish liaison with various institutions and organizations and government bodies connected with the development of Electric Lamp and Component Industry and to carry continuous dialogue with the govt.
  • To make representations and to deal with the subjects that affect the Electric Lamps and Component Industry and find ways and means of solving the problems and difficulties relating to subjects like finance, import-export, supply of raw materials, machinery and spares, taxation (all types-customs, excise, octroi, sales tax etc), industrial relations, procedural delays, factory enactments, power, transportation etc.
  • To carry out such acts as maybe required for the benefit of the industry to upgrade themselves in terms of knowledge/technology etc.
  • To educate and inform the consumer on the developments in the industry and help the nation to save energy and costs through introduction of better products and applications.
  • To act as a link between lighting and other industry association in matters concerning common interest.