GLOBAL LAMP FORUM – Board Meeting held on 06.06.2011 at Sydney

Published on: Aug 03rd, 2011

Meeting was attended by representation from various Board Member Countries of Lighting Associations (Korea, Japan, European Union, China, USA (NEMA) Australia, and Taiwan) besides Ms. Martina, Secretary General CIE (Special invitee). The Meeting was chaired by Mr. Jan Dennama, President GLF (Philips Holland). The discussion mostly revolved around phase-out program of inefficient lighting, LED products, standards and mercury. Every Country made a presentation on these topics. Briefly: INDIA Phase-out – GLS > 200w – Already implemented – Halogen > 500w – within a year – T12 – w.e.f. 2012-13 Mercury – CFL < 5mg – Implemented - Statutory notice on Package - Safe disposal of EOL of mg using Lamp - National Plan being finalized may be implemented by next year. LED - BIS Standards Ready - ELCOMA specification for street lights down lights and self ballasted lamp. - Guidelines for streetlights AUSTRALIA Phase-Out – GLS w.e.f. 01.11.2009 - 40w Candle and fancy - October 2010 - Halogen - Non Reflector – 01.01.2011 - Mains Voltage Reflector – October 2012 - Pilot Lamp 25w and below - To be determined - 50w Halogen - April 2012 Mercury - Land fill system for EOL mercury containing lamps BRAZIL - Association consists of > 85% of Lighting Industry – Labelling Project similar to EU & Energy Star Phase-Out – GLS – w.e.f. July 2012 in Brazil – June 2010 in Argentina -2011 in Columbia – All Phase out to be completed by 2014 Mercury – Disposal – Following European program and a Consultant appointed to prepare program – Project will rely on WEEE & ROHS. – Labelling of Hg containing lamps is in place LED – All IEC Standards followed – Min PF 0.92 – Voltage – 127v to 220v – 60Hz TAIWAN LED – Introduction of LED streetlight is well accepted – LED Traffic signages- Driver can see massage – High efficiency street lighting replacing HPL Street lighting JAPAN (JELMA) – Switching to high frequency lamp for office lighting – Self Ballasted LED lamps for residential – Have own JELMA Standards – Guide for luminaries and streetlights CHINA – Total lighting business in 2010- US 46 billion – Export 18.5 billion US$ -170 countries – Production – GLS – 3.85 billion pieces per year – FTL – (including CFL ) – 6.7 billion pieces per annum – Circular – 180 Million billion pieces per year – Single Capped – 340 million pieces per annum – CFL 4.1 Billion- CFL Quality has now improved – R & D Centres and Test Labs are China’s enhanced street lights Phase-Out – GLS banned for commercial use – GLS Phase-Out program being worked out – may be announced this year LED – Production and application being increased – World over large and small manufacturers demand LED Lighting from China – Outdoor LED lighting manufacturer have also started indoor manufacturing – LED Quality expanded to improve and with that increase in price expected – Price of thilium material may increase – this will affect CFL price Mercury – Low Hg. Content in CFL is being worked out- objective to bring it to 1mg. USA (NEMA) – Lighting systems division of NEMA covers production divisions lamps, Systems, SSL, Control Systems, etc. – Building Code – Aim to improve Energy Efficiency in >50% of commercial buildings by 2030 – Short term – California residential to improve 25% by 2015 – 25 states have adopted Building Codes for both Residential and Commercial – Standard Development – SSL-1 Electronic Drivers SSL-3 High Power LED Binning SSL-4 LED Form Factors Standards – LM 79& 80 existing (Electric & Photometric Measurement of SSL Product) – New LM 82- Photometric Variation on Temperature recording – New LM 21- Lumen Method Extrapolation Energy Star – There have been too many changes too often – 3rd party testing required. – SSL testing standards not finalized yet – New Method for Certification En.lighten Activities in USA – Trade shows / Exhibition on EE awareness – Lumen Coalition formed in 2011 consist of awareness Phase-Out – 100W GLS – 01.01.2012 – 75W GLS – 01.01.2013 – 60W&40W GLS – 01.01.2014 The law requires increased efficiency. It does not ban GLS or mandate CFL Minutes of Board Meeting and other discussion appended as Annexure