India-Japan cooperation for technology exchange

Published on: Mar 18th, 2014

ELCOMA, an apex body of Lighting Manufacturers in India, has initiated an exchange training program for LED Technology and Testing with Japanese Govt. which is organized by “The overseas Human Resource & Industry Development Association (HIDA)”. Overview: With global relationships established over a period, Japan came forward to support India in understanding LED technology and preparation of standards and test laboratories.

In this regard, Japan Lighting Association was able to influence Japanese government to extend financial support. To start with Japan offered to give training to 8 technical persons from India to Japan for one week. Elcoma had invited ELCOMA members to nominate persons and also included 2 test labs. All expenses were paid by Japanese government. A return trip was made by Japanese experts to India for one week under which two workshops were held at Bangalore and Delhi, which were attended by ELCOMA members and Test Lab personnel.

Besides the team also visited few test labs in Bangalore, Noida and Manesar. They also undertook testing of LED retrofit lamps in 2 Japanese Test Labs and 2 Labs in India. Both countries results differ. The Experts have concluded that though in India, most labs are well equipped but their personnel are not able to understand standards or read the results accurately. Therefore it is very essential for Indian Labs to undergo vigorous training. The Japan program will be on a continuous basis for one year and depending on success, it may be extended for one more year.

Objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide technical knowledge to the engineers from various LED testing institutions in India.
  2. To give knowledge on the testing regulations/system and overview on LED industry in Japan.

Key Speakers:

  • Mr. Masanori Doro – Executive M.D, Japan Lighting Manufacturers Association Emphasized on: Proposal for spreading good quality LED lighting
  • Mr. Kazuaki Ohkubo – Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd. Emphasized on: Principles of Integrating Photometer
  • Mr. Kiyoshi Adachi- HIDA Emphasized on: HIDA worldwide training programs, and support of METI