History – GE India Industrial (P) Ltd

GE has been in India since 1902, when it installed India’s first hydro power plant. In 1930, IGE (International General Electric) was set up for sales of GE products and services by GE businesses not represented in India.

Today, the majority of GE’s businesses world-wide have a presence in India – aircraft engines, broadcasting, capital services, lighting, medical systems, industrial systems, plastics, power systems and transportation systems – either through a joint venture, a wholly-owned subsidiary, a strategic alliance or a business development and customer support presence. In 2002, revenues and orders exceeded US $1 billion in India. GE employs over 22,000 people in India.

GE’s vision is to recreate the company in India. India businesses help drive GE’s four corporate initiatives – globalisation, services, Six Sigma quality and e-business.

GE has experienced success in sourcing products, services and intellectual talent from India for global businesses:

  • GE pioneered the concept of software sourcing from India through Offshore Development Centres across the country, which now account for approximately 5% of India’s software exports.
  • The John F. Welch Technology Centre is India’s first and largest industry multi-disciplinary research centre. This strategic investment by GE will provide critical technology, research and development for GE’s diverse global businesses.
  • Medical Systems, Motors and Lighting supply finished products to the global GE system.
  • Power Systems, Industrial Systems and Appliances source parts and components from suppliers for use in operations outside India.
  • Medical Systems, Appliances, Aircraft Engines, Industrial Systems, Power Systems and Transportation Systems develop and provide design and engineering services, and analysis for GE global businesses.
  • GE Capital Services caters to the diverse needs of a global business through its outsourcing services which include transaction processing, finance and accounting services, call center services, customer fulfillment activities and processes, data modelling and analytics support, managed IT services, software solutions and e-learning.

In 2002, GE celebrated a century of working in India. During that time, GE has built on its solid foundations to become a significant participant in a wide range of key services, technology and manufacturing industries.

Scott R. Bayman is President and CEO of GE India.