Press Release – 500 Million CFLs Can Save 1500 MW of Power

Published on: May 14th, 2013

Grids tripping and outages faced by 21 states in India twice within 2 days is never seen or experienced in the history of power supply around the world. India is facing acute shortage on regular basis.

Due to heavy development, the more new capacity is being added, the more is new demand generated. Present gap of 6 to 8% between demand and supply is likely to increase and will continue to increase for time to come. Lighting consumes around 18% of power generated in India.

There are more than 2 billion Lamp sockets in India out of which, Compact Fluorescent Lamp that saves about 80% power as compared to covers about 500 million sockets. Balance is occupied by Incandescent Lamps (Bulb). Even if 500 million more sockets are replaced by 500 more CFL lamps, we will be able to save whopping 1500 Mega Watts during peak hours. Now the big question is how we can replace such a large quantity is a short time. Under the Bachat Lamp Yojna (BLY) of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has been able to replace about 30 million bulbs in 3 years.

The ambition was to replace 400 million sockets with CFL in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) with 2 years. Even this quantity has been generated with lot of effort of having various pilot projects in more enterprising states. Simple reason is that no organization is willing to invest such a large amount (About 4000 Crores) and wait for a long period to get returns under carbon credit scheme of United Nations.

The only possibility is that Central Government can allocate a larger portion of this amount and balance can be pooled by State governments, utilities and may be some NGOs etc. After all more than the invested amount will come back may be within 6 months or within 4 to 5 years as per the scheme opted by the organizing state. Shyam Sujan Secretary General ELCOMA